California Walnuts

A (not so) simple solution for increasing consumption

National print and television campaigns drive record number of consumers to a revitalized website, where consumers find thousands of simple walnut recipes.

So Simple, So Good

A new integrated TV, Print and Digital campaign for California walnuts began in October 2015. The advertising communicates the multiple ways the versatile California walnut can be incorporated into all kinds of meals and snacks, and invites consumers to visit for recipes.

The results are both so simple and good.

Shipments went up

39% from prior levels.

The 'New'

Since was redesigned and relaunched,
sessions have more than doubled.

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California Walnuts Website Digital Marketing EvansHardy+Young

And Google has awarded the site a perfect score of 100 for page speed ranking.

The site has recorded more than 8 million page views since the inception of the campaign.

How to Toast Walnuts California Walnuts Food Marketing Website Digital EvansHardy+Young

There is ample evidence the campaign is working as planned.
Attribute ratings on all key copy points increased
significantly from 2013 to 2017
, including ratings on health,
nutrition, convenience, versatility and value for the money.

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