Dennis Hardy President / CEO EvansHardy+Young

Dennis Hardy

President / CEO

When we landed the Chumash Casino account, Dennis had no idea he would soon be serving as client CMO as well as agency Management Supervisor, but that’s what happened for the first four years of our 13-year relationship. The result was a unique knowledge of how things work from both perspectives. Dennis has spoken on innovation and creativity multiple times at G2E, and published several articles in Casino Marketing Enterprise magazine.
Scott Young Executive Vice President / Executive Creative Director EvansHardy+Young

Scott Young

Executive VP / Chief Creative Officer

Scott and his creative teams went almost immediately from ground zero to creating and producing 150 pieces of Chumash Casino communications every month - from restaurant server buttons to multi media branding campaigns. Working with management, we found fresh, innovative ways to impact nearly every aspect of the business and drove record traffic and performance every single year. The opportunity to make such a broad creative contribution is unprecedented in his nearly 40-year career. Too bad it lasted “only” 13 of them.
Tori Brumfield Vice President Management Supervisor EvansHardy+Young

Tori Brumfield

VP / Management Supervisor

Tori played a lead management role on the Chumash Casino Resort account for 10 years, which included being an active member of the casino’s Executive Marketing and Promotions team. Tori has a deep understanding of the retail nature of the casino business, having developed and implemented numerous events, loyalty programs and guest services initiatives. In related experience, Tori has served as Sales and Marketing Manager for the luxury hotel, Bacara Resort & Spa, and Account Supervisor for several chain restaurant accounts.
Lily Katz-Smolenske Sr Vice President / Media Director EvansHardy+Young

Lily Katz-Smolenske

SR VP / Media Director

Lily’s over 20 years of leadership positions in New York and Los Angeles prepared her to take on the unique challenges of casino marketing media. Creative solutions were needed to deliver the large numbers of guests necessary to fuel the resorts' various operations. But the property was relatively remote and the regional Southern California competition was experienced and well funded. Just another day at the office for Lily and the EHY Media Team.

John Stranger

VP / Group Supervisor

Keith Butler Vice President Digital Strategist EvansHardy+Young

Keith Butler

VP / Digital Strategist

Keith was a digital early-adopter, beginning with leadership positions at AOL, and later on helping introduce Fortune 100 companies like Office Depot to the art of e-commerce and digital marketing. Creating the robust, multi-functional, responsively designed website for Chumash Casino Resort was an interesting test for Keith and his team. At the time of its launch, the site was considered the most advanced gaming resort site in California.

Sue Kennedy

PR Director

Emily Nordee

PR Director

Andrea Schepke

PR Director

Chris Yasko

VP/ Assoc Creative Director

Maria Varni

Art Director

Bre Rodriguez

Social Media Content Manager

Kirk Evans

VP / Assoc Creative Director

Adrienne Stephen

Account Supervisor

Jaime Eschette

Marketing Director

Jessica Stampe

Account Executive

Donald De Luccio

VP / Associate Media Director

Candice Nyholt

SR Account Executive

Leo Elovitz

Art Director

Su Sonna

Print Production Manager

Martin Sosa

Graphic Artist

Kristy Casey

Media Supervisor

Heather Salvatore

Web Developer

Leandra Booty

JR Media Negotiator

Anna Kodelashvili

Social Media Content Manager

Bobby Georges

Asst Media Negotiator

Carina Ost

Social Media Supervisor

LeAnn Ashton

Accounting Assoc

Lora Lam

Account Executive / Traffic Manager

Madison Serrano

PR SR Account Executive

Malena Cruz

SR VP / Corporate Controller

Nicole Sotoodeh

JR Media Negotiator

Taylor DeVries

PR SR Account Executive

Jorge Pichardo

Accounting Assoc

Andrew Rodriguez

Accounting Supervisor

Elizabeth Rosas

HR & Office Manager

Apoorva Chiplunkar

PR Assistant Account Executive

Madison Carlentine

Asst Media Negotiator

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