After working in nearly every segment of the food industry for over 30 years, we have developed deep category insights into the consumer behavior and motivation that drives the purchasing, preparation and consumption of food.

We help Food Commodity Boards and Branded Produce increase farm gate revenue, move up the value chain, expand usage applications, build volume and reduce price volatility.

For CPG Brands, we build strategic multi-platform initiatives designed to increase dollar share, unit share, weighted average sales and improved velocity at retail, while reducing the percent of sales on promotion.

Food Marketing Agency
with a Special Ingredient

Every great recipe needs a secret ingredient, a special sauce that separates it from all the rest. Ours is passion. We don’t just sell food (and a few other products in closely related categories), we live food. We talk about it, think about it, write about it, take pictures of it and most of us would be doing all that even if we weren’t doing, well, this.

We think you’ll be able to tell the difference in the work.

California Walnuts in Basket

California Walnuts: Walnuts on Delta

IPC Secret Weapon Food Advertising Ad EvansHardy+Young

Idaho Potato Commission: Secret Weapon

California Walnuts:

California Walnuts: Simple Salmon

Martin Morales Chef Avocados from Peru Food Marketing

Avocados from Peru: Martin Morales in NYC

Martinelli’s: The Celebration Cider


Lamb Weston: Famous Farmer

National Honey Board Honey Cocktail Recipe Food Marketing EvansHardy+Young

National Honey Board : Honey Cocktails

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  • Brand Strategy
  • Media
  • Public Relations
  • Digital Strategy
    & Web Development
  • Social Strategy
    & Management
  • Content Strategy
  • Research
    & Analytics
  • Recipe Development
  • Menu Concept Development
    & Applications
  • Retail Promotions
  • Chef Events / Partnerships
  • Experiential Campaigns
    & Events

Brand Stories

California Walnuts


National Honey Board


Idaho Potato Commission



Seasonal Menu Marketing Food Advertising LTO EvansHardy+Young Food
November 29, 2018

Successful LTO Menu Strategies You’ll Want to Consider This Year

With Pumpkin and Peppermint mania upon us, we’re reminded of how a short-term menu offering provides instant excitement at our favorite restaurants. Limited-Time Offers (LTOs) are a powerful tactic to reengage loyal customers as well as reach new ones. The positive impact of an LTO menu on traffic and same…
Meal Kit Watch On the Way Out or Here to Stay Food
November 14, 2018

Meal Kit Watch: On the Way Out or Here to Stay?

While the meal-kit industry gained momentum this past year, progress hasn’t come without a fair share of challenges. High customer acquisition costs, low retention rates, and operational inefficiencies have strained industry pioneers like Blue Apron and many others. As competition grows to more than 150 meal kit options, companies are…
Monumental Shifts in the Grocery Supply Chain will Blow Your Mind EvansHardy+Young Food
November 7, 2018

Monumental Shifts in the Grocery Supply Chain Will Blow Your Mind

Some years ago, I worked on the advertising for a ballot initiative in California. The Proposition was a good one, and it would help improve the health of all Californians, especially children. The initiative was started by a well-known actor. We produced several commercials in support of the Proposition, including…

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