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Chumash Casino Win Country
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While well established (and approaching saturation) in the Santa Barbara area, Chumash Casino Resort needed to penetrate the large Los Angeles market to the south and distinguish itself from the over 30 gaming options available there.


While Native American casinos have become a commodity in California, the Chumash Tribe’s unique, Santa Ynez Valley location had not. Win Country, in the Santa Barbara Wine Country, invited visitors to enjoy a much more complete and inviting experience. Whether an avid gamer, outdoor enthusiast or wine aficionado, Win Country delivers something for everyone.

The campaign required recruiting local area businesses as partners and was executed as advertising (print, television, out-of-home, digital), an extensive affinity program (the Win Country Passport), a microsite and digital newsletters.

Win Country Doubles Down


Over 100 local business partners in a relatively rural market contributed to dramatically improved community relations

Dramatic increase in monthly headcounts over prior year

3% revenue growth over prior year

Chumash Casino had double digit club memberships growth from target area.