Food marketing isn’t always as easy as selling those proverbial hotcakes everyone talks about. It takes a ton of category experience. And for the last 30 years we’ve been helping brands to drive the purchase, preparation, and consumption of food in some of the industry’s toughest categories – including CPG, branded produce, and food commodity boards.


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5 Food Tech Trends With Major Potential for CPG

The food tech presentations at The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) are where you can find the latest trends that affect the food and food services industry. This past January, CES showcased advancements in consumer electronics, ingredients, and trailblazing AI products that are sure to revolutionize CPG. EHY walked the floor…
Consumer Insights & Trends

Food Advertising Creative Closes Out 2022, Looks Toward Super Sunday

In this quarter’s food advertising creative roundup, CPG Liquid Death Water stages a “Taze” Test, Ocean Spray Cranberries get “jiggly” with it, and QSR Dave’s Hot Chicken markets FOMO while Dole pushes YOLO. Meanwhile, Chipotle uses AR to encourage people to stick with their resolutions, and snack brands begin to…

Let’s BeReal: Not Every Emerging Social Media Platform is Right For Your Food Brand

TikTok and BeReal may be the hottest social media platforms on the market right now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the right fit for your brand. In general, figuring out which social media platforms are a right fit can be confusing, or downright catastrophic if you don’t look before…

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