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    Let’s BeReal: Not Every Emerging Social Media Platform is Right For Your Food Brand

    TikTok and BeReal may be the hottest social media platforms on the market right now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the right fit for your brand. In general, figuring out which social media platforms are a right fit can be confusing, or downright catastrophic if you don’t look before…

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    Grocery delivery truck

    4 Ways to Reduce the Impact of Food Inflation on Consumers — Without Cutting Your Prices

    To cope with spiraling food costs during the inflation crisis, consumers are doing two things. First, they’re finding different, cheaper supermarkets, like Lidl, Dollar General, Food4Less and Family Dollar. This means higher-end retailers like Sprouts, Wegmans, Fresh Market, Harris Teeter and Publix are lagging behind in in-person visits. Secondly, consumers…

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    Food Advertising Creative Takes Full Advantage of Fall Holidays

    The advent of fall brings Halloween promotions and a proliferation of pumpkin spice to food marketing. Meanwhile, food brands continue to make their presence felt in the metaverse while also appealing to consumer trends, including dining at home and concerns about environmental sustainability. And one QSR travels to a drive-thru far, far away to bring back a popular favorite. For more, read on. As always, a video version of this blog is also available for your viewing pleasure.

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    Velveta Nail Polish

    Food Advertising Creative Embraces Stunt and Event Marketing

    Brands from CPG to QSR are increasingly engaging consumers tuning out conventional advertising through fun stunt marketing and live events. It’s a great way to create a buzz about a brand through more organic means, such as free exposure via news media. To see what we’re talking about, read on….

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    Data Driven TV

    Data Driven Television: What Food Marketers Need to Know to Make the Most of their TV Spend

    With the television upfront season in full swing (i.e., the annual process where advertisers pre-book 50-60% of the total advertising budgets in advance of the television season), there has been much discussion about if this will be the year of the data driven television upfront. In other words, will this…

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