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    Unlock the power of press release evanshardyyoung

    Unlock the Power of the Press Release for the Digital Age

    While changes in the way news is viewed, generated and distributed is evolving the way press releases are crafted, they still deserve a spot in your food marketing strategy. So stop asking yourself, “Is the press release dead?” Because in short, even with the evolving media landscape and endless information…

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    Traditions or Trends: Notable Food Marketing Creative

    Traditions or Trends: Notable Food Marketing Creative

    The fourth quarter of 2019 saw a slew of creative holiday-themed food marketing and advertising, including two meaty turns on what has become an odd and endearing annual tradition. In QSR news, last summer’s Chicken Sandwich War reared its head once again. And in the grocery category, Sam’s Club introduced…

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    fresh carrots hashtag

    The Top Food Hashtag Holidays Your Brand Should Celebrate

    When it comes to food holidays, your brand simply can’t afford to ignore them. We’ve all heard people complain that there is a frivolous food holiday for every single day of the year. While there is some truth to that (hello, Lima Bean Respect Day on April 20th), they are…

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    Going out of Business Window Sign Grocery Store Forecast

    Grocery Shopping in 2031: Are you ready for a whole new world?

    How will grocery shopping be different in 2031? Consider that the first iPhone was released just 12 years ago, and it has changed everything we do — from getting directions, booking travel, summoning a car, staying in touch with friends, reading the news, getting recommendations. You know what I am…

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    New Food Ads for Quarter One of 2019 - Food Marketing EvansHardy+Young

    Your Fall 2019 Trends Update: Recent Food Marketing Creative

    Fall is here, and with it comes pumpkin spice to make just about everything nice. The third quarter of 2019 saw creative food marketing and advertising capitalizing on the omnipresent annual trend in both humorous and attention-getting ways. In addition, the plant-based movement in fast food continued its momentum, even in the…

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