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    Two Hugging Bananas Food Brand Trust and Affinity EvansHardy+Young

    Boost Your Customers’ Trust and Affinity With Great Food Content Marketing

    In the past several months, consumers have made big and small changes to the way they buy groceries. Recently it was reported that 43% of consumers say they shopped for food online in the past six months, versus 24% just two years ago. And what is more interesting is that…

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    Keble College Dining Hall David Iliff

    Back to School: How COVID Is Affecting University Foodservice Operators and Food Brands

    College campuses have historically been a gold mine for food marketers, if you managed to break into their supply chain. They are notorious for driving volume for food brands and being trend incubators. By that, I mean they have been a wonderful platform for brands to test new formulations or products…

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    QR Foodservice Menu Amid Covid

    The Key to Pivoting Your Foodservice Media Strategies Amid COVID-19

    Regardless of industry, COVID-19 has caused widespread disruption. Foodservice is among those industries being most devastated by the pandemic. As a food marketer, with more than 100,000 restaurant closures, you’ve likely found yourself evaluating and reevaluating your marketing and media plans over the past several months. And the foodservice sector…

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    Profile of woman well-being marketing KPI

    Why Human Well-Being Should Be Your Top Food Marketing KPI

    As a marketer, you’re good at your job if you narrow in on a singular problem, lay out a targeted strategy, and identify a specific KPI. While this process is the baseline to proving the value of your role, it’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. When…

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    Impossible Burger Great Patty Pickup Party EvansHardy+Young

    Creative Coronaviral Food Marketing Continues

    Last quarter, we were just beginning to see the effects of COVID-19 on food marketers struggling to deal with creative production issues and appropriate tonality in our brave new world. Brands were entering the coronavirus conversation conservatively, taking great care not to offend consumers. But now that a new normal…

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