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    Media Consumption by Generations EvansHardy+Young

    8 Media Questions You Should Be Asking When Recalibrating Your Food Media Plan During COVID-19

    As the COVID-19 crisis seemingly begins to wane, the havoc that remains in its wake is still very much present. While many personal and business enterprises begin reassessing, at EvansHardy+Young (EHY) we are continuing to carefully recalibrate our clients’ advertising media strategies. Like them, you’re likely facing some of the same challenges…

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    How Influencers Help Cultivate Food Trends French Fry Board Orange Background EvansHardy+Young

    How Influencers Help Cultivate Food Trends

    Anyone who has worked in social media marketing has been asked the million-dollar question: “How can we make our content go viral?” But this is a loaded question. The answer depends on so many stars aligning. While “going viral” isn’t a good social strategy, we have developed a formula that…

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    Chef throw flour black background EvansHardy+Young

    The Hustlers, Innovators and Visionaries: a Collection of Foodservice Insights

    With America (and the world) forced to hunker down, it’s no surprise that the entire foodservice industry has been affected from every angle. Although some states have begun to open, for most of America, going out to a restaurant is not even an option. This unprecedented time has tasked food…

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    White and Pink Ice cream Scoops on Pink Background New Food Ads EvansHardy+Young

    Top Trends in Recent QSR, CPG & Branded Commodity Marketing

    The first quarter of 2020 was proceeding nicely for food marketing creative efforts, when seemingly overnight, the world changed. Huge repercussions are currently being felt far and wide throughout the industry, and it will be interesting, to say the least, to see how food messaging and content pivots in the…

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    AR Food Menu Halolamp EvansHardyYoung

    The Food Industry is Pushing Innovation to New Heights

    There’s a lot we can learn from the leaders who decided to be proactive rather than reactive, who quickly identified the potential benefits of technical innovation and created advantages during a time when few seemed to exist. They’ve offered us a glimpse of how the food industry is capable taking…

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