Idaho Potatoes

The Big Potato Meets The Big Apple.

By land, by sea and by hotel.

Over the last few decades we’ve used a lot of different weapons in our arsenal to help make Idaho synonymous with potatoes – but the one of the most unique is a 6-ton simulated potato on a flat bed trailer. Traveling over 25,000 miles nationwide each year, it seems leave a lasting impression wherever it goes. By the time it got to New York, the city determined it was too big to enter Manhattan.

So, we put it on a barge, and garnered national attention in the process. Then eventually when the time came to retire the potato on the original truck, it only made sense to turn that potato into a hotel.







In addition to TV news, other key channels covered the event:

Social Media

Social media was abuzz. Many questioned whether the Big Idaho Potato was real or not!


All the key trade publications covered the truck including Produce News, Capital Press, Potato Pro, Jim Prevor’s Perishable Pundit, and Produce Business.


Taxicab News, which is featured in 13,237 yellow cabs, ran feature stories about the Truck and its visit to NYC on the day of the event


Law Enforcement Alert

The NYPD issued a Law Enforcement Alert informing residents a giant Idaho potato was traveling up the Hudson River. Typically, these alerts are issued to notify residents of need-to-know breaking news.

In total, more than 100 million media impressions were generated, with most of them coming from NYC.

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