Revitalizing an existing social community to
increase engagement and drive traffic.

YOY increased traffic to brand site from social channels.
New followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in first 3 months.
Increase in social fans to date.

A legacy brand with 150 years of heritage
stays relevant by delivering on its family and brand values.

Creating apple juices and sparkling ciders since 1868, S. Martinelli & Co. has a rich history based on family values, consistent quality, and authenticity. But while the brand and its values transcend generations, its social and digital presence was in need of refreshment. We worked to ensure Martinelli’s brand personality could be re-introduced in a way that was relevant to a young social audience.

Who doesn’t love a good celebration?

We’ve expanded #MartinellisMoment beyond the traditional holidays to include trendy and creative occasions like gender reveal parties, bridal showers, awards show victories, and even Little League wins. We helped our fans celebrate birthdays by launching Cider Signs, a clever way to pair each zodiac sign with a flavor to represent their personality, and offer a special drink for their birthday month.

We also proactively engage the entertainment and sports industries as we have many actors, comedians, musicians, and athletes who are Martinelli’s fans. We reach out to these celebrities and other loyal fans with coupons, juice deliveries, and celebratory greetings on their milestone events.

And we open up to the Global Community with our #CheersTranslated series showing people how to offer a proper toast in different countries around the world.

With Shared Passion and Meaningful Conversation, We’re Creating a Real Community in Every Sense of the Word.


As you can see from our first few months, the campaign is off and running, with dramatic improvement in fans and followers, engagement, and a broader (but better focused), range of content. All in all, a fresh and relevant social program for a company whose values have withstood the test of time.

Now that’s something worth celebrating.

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