Alexia Foods

Re-engaging a lapsed social following with
inspirational new messaging.

Elevating everyday dishes by celebrating the home chef in everyone.

Alexia boasted a sizable, but largely unengaged, social following. We quickly realized that while our existing audience was interested enough to connect with the brand, they were being given no real reason to become more deeply engaged. Our opportunity was to re-inspire our followers and inspire them not only as followers, but as micro-influencers for Alexia.

Amping up the conversation and giving our community a voice was the catalyst the brand needed to grow highly credible buzz online.

Every house is home to a great chef.

As Alexia offers sophisticated flavor profiles ranging from a gourmet line of sweet potato fries to chef-inspired and organic options, we determined their social community was filled with passionate foodies eager to exercise their culinary creativity.

We set out to invigorate Alexia’s Facebook and Instagram profiles by communicating that Alexia products are curated dishes, creatively crafted to position the brand at the forefront of modern food culture.

Creating a True Community of Creative Culinary Aficionados and Devoted Brand Disciples.

We inspire you. And you inspire us.

With the knowledge company-generated recipes alone, had not been enough to mobilize the community in the past, we shifted to a more proactive strategy to connect with followers on a deeper level. Rather than simply reacting to Alexia posts, our new #AlexiaInspired campaigns encouraged fans to take ownership of the conversation by contributing their own personal creations and sharing their culinary experiences.

We also evolved Alexia’s social persona to more correctly align the brand’s flavor-forward positioning with a variety of original series including Wine Pairing Wednesdays, easy Dips and Tips videos, #FarmtoFlavor and many more.

As a result, we have been able to re-engage our previously ho-hum community, motivating foodies to take action, get involved, and even inspire new people to get involved.

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