California Walnuts

A unique social strategy to create engagement
across a wide range of diverse communities.

Developing a brand persona celebrating simple goodness, holistic health and an inspired way of living.

California Walnut Board members supply three quarters of the world’s walnuts to a diverse audience ranging from the home cook and professional chef, to health professionals and foodservice experts. 

EHY helped distill the board’s message into a simple but compelling brand statement: California Walnuts. So Simple. So Good. 

But the communication challenges are far from simple. Our goal was to dramatically increase engagement, maximize a wide variety of digital content across social channels, improve SEO and boost traffic to

We developed a comprehensive social strategy that would enable us to engage, educate and inspire walnut consumers of all types and on several levels.

Inspiring Creativity In and Out of the Kitchen.

More than recipes. Much more.

We presented the California Walnuts story via supported channels across the social landscape.

  • We inspired our audience to look at walnuts as part of a mindful, balanced lifestyle, not just a cooking ingredient.
  • We integrated all the many communities that contribute to our overall consumer base, including Foodservice, Health Professional and Consumer content.
  • We demonstrate a sense of caring and social purpose appropriate to the values of the organization.
  • And of course, we never forget where we come from as stewards of the earth.

It All Adds Up to a Social Program that Educates and Inspires Consumers with New Ways to Cook, Eat and Enjoy California Walnuts. 

Bold design and beautiful photography ring true to the design ethos and palette of California Walnuts communications.

We established a clean, contemporary look and feel consistent with all California Walnuts branding regardless of medium. And flexible enough to address content from any source, including consumers and influencers.

Social Engagement
Unified Brand Voice
Increase In Link Clicks