Influencing Minds & Menus

One thing that sets us apart from many full-service agencies is having a dedicated PR division that is continually monitoring new and emerging food trends, mining news and data, and attending industry conferences (and not just the ones held in tropical locations). By steeping ourselves in all that is food and food marketing, and applying decades of marketing and communications expertise, we develop best-in-practice programs for our clients ranging from commodity boards to CPG food brands.

We believe in the kind of PR that truly serves the brand and delivers great ROI rather than simply trying to inflate traditional vanity metrics.

Strategy & Planning

We believe in the kind of PR that truly serves the brand and delivers great ROI rather than simply trying to inflate traditional vanity metrics. This all begins with developing a strategic and creative communications strategy aimed at elevating your brand’s relevancy across all day parts and throughout every season.

To deliver this kind of impact, we combine what we know about the food industry and your target audience to curate compelling storylines across the calendar. Done well, your strategy will place your brand into today’s most relevant conversations fromfood trends and product pairings to collaborations and events.

Media Relations

Having strong media relations is as critical as it is obvious. And by isolating our focus on food and beverage PR, we’ve established, strong, ongoing relationships with some of the most influential consumer and trade journalists in the business. But rather than just leveraging those relationships time and time again, together we’ll build unique opportunities for your brand to engage directly through personalized experiences like brand immersions, desk sides and other events.

Foodservice Industry Relations

By rooting ourselves deeply into the food industry, we extend our relationships far beyond media to include foodservice and industry professionals. Building a bridge between professional chefs and food brands and commodity boards, we develop communication aimed at stimulating-new usage occasions and recipe innovations, to inspire chefs and even restaurant menus nationwide. Through exclusively curated events, key conferences and personalized outreach, we engage with the foodservice industry in the development of new recipes and menu concepts that expand your brand’s exposure and help you attract new customers.

Monitor Metrics & Report

Like any other function in marketing, we ensure our PR work translates into meaningful results for your business. Through monthly reporting we create transparency around our ongoing activity that goes beyond reporting on accumulated impressions. We closely monitor the key metrics important to your business from conversion rates to message carry-through to menu penetration.

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