Idaho Potato Commission

The Big Idaho Potato Truck is Missing!

Our multi medium, multi year advertising and PR campaign has generated nearly four billion television impressions for the Idaho Potato Commission and coordinated consumer events in 48 states.

There’s no doubt the Idaho Potato Commission’s Big Potato Truck is a big idea. Built to commemorate the Commission’s 75 Anniversary, the 70-foot-long, 3-D rolling billboard literally stops traffic as it tours America spreading the good word about Idaho® Potatoes and making donations to local charities.

National TV makes a big story even bigger.

The Big Idaho Potato Truck story is about more than the truck itself. It’s also about the Idaho Potato Farmer who sets out across America to find the truck and bring it home. And his faithful dog and his vintage Studebaker pickup truck, all of whom have become brand icons during the now 6-year media campaign.

So, have you seen our truck?

The Big Idaho Potato Truck generates massive attention wherever it goes, garnering awe-inspired responses like these random calls and texts to the Idaho Potato switchboard. See for yourself.

Idaho Potato Food Advertising Potato Truck
Idaho Potato Food Advertising Potato Truck
Idaho Potato Food Advertising Potato Truck

Retail Print

Our Special Event Strategy really delivers the goods.

In addition to retailer and customer visits, the Big Potato Truck has appeared in front of hundreds of thousands of fans at major events like The Kentucky Derby, State Fairs, and some of the largest parades in the country, including the giant Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

The Big Truck Meets the Big Apple.

Even in the Nation’s #1 Media Market, New York City, the big truck made a big splash, thanks to our PR team, which put the truck on a barge when it was banned from the streets of Manhattan.

In total, more than 100 million media impressions were generated, with most of them coming from NYC.

Some 68 news outlets covered the stunt, including most of New York’s biggest newspapers, radio and television stations. And the truck lit up the internet for most of the day.

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