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Sweetening Up The Menu Mix. National Honey Board Foodservice

EHY identified an opportunity in the beverage category and delivered a robust campaign that expanded honey cocktail menuing 84% over four years.

Raising the Bar in the Bar

Honey is recognized by consumers as a wholesome, all-natural alternative sweetener able to elevate the perceived quality of a menu item. That made it particularly attractive in the newly trending “culinary cocktail” segment.

We began by hosting a number of honey immersion events with beverage professionals to generate interest with key influencers. We also produced point-of-sale materials for use in the bar, and print advertising targeting bar and restaurant operators.

After implementing our new campaign the

National Honey Board saw an

84% increase in honey cocktail menuing.

The NHB also experienced

a 17% increase in honey cocktail menuing

YOY, as momentum continues to build.

More and more, beverage professionals are turning to honey as a sweetener and flavor ingredient.

Honey-inspired cocktails made quite a splash as a featured component of the “One Sweet Summer” pool menu and promotion. Fielded at 34 Omni resorts across the country, the campaign netted a 25% year-over-year pool menu sales increase for the luxury resort brand.

+25% YOY


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