From Artificial Intelligence to Real World Comfort Cravers, Food Creative Embraces the Now


In this quarter’s Food Advertising Creative Trends report, QSR brands employ ChatGPT-written ads, CPG brand Impossible Foods creates a meatless musical, Branded commodity Milk PEP spoofs plant-based dairy alternatives, Kraft Foods gets massively comfortable with post-Covid cravings, and Heinz celebrates brand obsessed fans. Read on for more. 

McDonald’s/Burger King – Artificial Intelligence

McDonald's and Burger King bus stop signs

It was only a matter of time until A.I. invaded the realm of food advertising. McDonald’s started the trend by asking OpenAI’s ChatGPT “What is the most iconic burger in the world?” The A.I. engine answered the Big Mac, and McD’s posted the result on outdoor boards. Shortly after, Burger King asked “which burger is biggest?” and was rewarded with a response making a case for the Whopper, which they posted on their own boards. 

Impossible Foods – Meatless Musical

At a time when many plant-based meat replacements have seen a post-pandemic drop in sales, Impossible Foods is making a marketing push with a satirical 90-second musical video entitled “Making Meat History.” The light-hearted Broadway-inspired spot debuted during the annual Tony Awards on CBS and will also run nationally in AMC Theaters. Featuring a singing narrator and historical meat devotees from Mammoth-eating cavemen to mutton-loving Huns, Impossible hopes to make meat history just in time for summer grilling season. 

MilkPEP – Wood Milk

Denying a challenge from the dairy industry, the Food and Drug Administration recently decided that plant-based brands made from oats, almonds and soy beverages can legally call themselves “milk”. Now, MilkPEP (Milk Processor Education Program) has hired deadpan comedic actress Aubrey Plaza for a “Got Milk?” parody spot introducing a new brand of unappetizing artisanal milk made from wood. “Is Wood Milk real? Absolutely not. Only real milk is real,” says Aubrey. MilkPEP is airing the campaign on broadcast and social media, while also selling fictional Wood Milk merchandise on its website. 

Kraft Mac & Cheese – Comfort Deluxified

Giant cat and woman relaxing with Kraft mac 'n' cheese


Frozen food sales increased during Covid and remain high, as consumers continue to enjoy the comforts that eating at home provides. Kraft is taking advantage of the trend by introducing its first ever frozen food product – new single-serve Mac & Cheese Deluxe offerings. Supporting spots depict folks enjoying “Deluxified Comfort” of epic proportions at home, like one cozy woman relaxing with her giant fluffy purring cat, and a man enjoying being doted on by multiple caring grandmothers. For further comfort, Kraft is also selling a Frozen Aisle Sweater to keep customers warm during chilly trips to their store’s frozen food aisle. 

Heinz – Obsessed Fans 

Heinz ketchup tattoo


Heinz has created a series of stories showing the lengths its fans will go to for its products. Tagged “It has to be Heinz,” the minute-long spots recreate true stories of customers displaying their devotion to the brand, as found across social media. Like the person with a Heinz tattoo. Or the person who sneaks Heinz ketchup into an upscale restaurant. Or even the person who smuggles Heinz beans in their suitcase.

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