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Reschedule or Rethink crossroads EvansHardyYoung
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August 13, 2020

The Food Event Dilemma: Should You Reimagine or Reschedule?

Are food industry events an inevitable casualty of 2020? Or is it possible to reimagine them (i.e., take them online) and still meet the needs of both participants and organizers? It’s a tough call, especially in an industry so deeply rooted in relationships, sensory experiences and in-person events facilitating the…
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EvansHardy+Young at Fresh Summit PMA
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February 7, 2018

Food Trade Shows: Good Or Just Leftovers?

At this point you’ve probably logged more food trade shows than you’d like to admit. And, while I’m sure you’re looking forward to feeding the enthusiastic flood of trick-or-treaters and looky-loos, the idea of yet another trade show season brings on that nagging question we food marketers must ask ourselves…
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