Pacing Change in the Market

Marketing is constantly evolving – our job is to make sure your brand is ahead of it. Whether that’s helping you snag more retail space, build volume, increase dollar share or accelerate sell-through, we’ll create a well-defined brand strategy as a strong foundation for long-term growth.

The truth is, great brands deliver upon their promise, attract loyalty beyond reason and evolve as their customers and the marketplace shift. This level of scrutiny takes an ardent confidence in where you are and where you’re headed. It also just so happens to be precisely what we deliver when defining your brand strategy. From an intensive brand audit to competitive positioning and even branding, our goal is to collaborate to establish a brand road map that unlocks unmet market opportunities.

Great brands deliver on their promise, attract loyalty beyond reason and evolve.

Brand Analysis & Audit

Leveraging our various category experience, we’ll dive into your existing data (and we’ll commission new research of our own if needed) to fully familiarize ourselves with your brand and where it currently fits into today’s omni-channel marketplace. Throughout this process we’ll plot key indicators across your brand’s entire path-to-purchase to provide a comprehensive map of where you’re strong and where you have an opportunity to grow.

Competitive Analysis

We start our competitive reviews with the same approach that most agencies do, collecting insights from your top competitors, blah, blah, blah. Looking at their product offerings, distribution channels, in-store and online presence, marketing messaging, spend, blah, blah blah. And just like everyone else we deliver a 360° view of the marketplace. The difference with us? The insights we collect actually have value. And once we have those insights, we can provide you with a clear POV on what we believe to be your unique selling and value proposition, and the ways in which you can pivot to stand out.


EHY is a fully functioning PR and advertising firm. And trust us, we completely understand the magnitude of the endeavor. We’re passionate advocates of strong branding, and we know that you envision the kind of brand impression that captures your customer’s attention, engages their senses and evokes an emotion that drives action. Yeah, we get it, and it just happens to be one of our favorite creative challenges, which is why we’re always willing to dive in head first to overdeliver.

Planning & Execution

With your brand strategy framework set, you may be asking yourself, “Now what? How do we begin to put all of this collective thinking into practice?” To kick-start your team’s efforts, we’ll begin by gathering our team to consult on your top marketing priorities and deliver a few practical executions you can react to immediately.


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