Building Community Through Storytelling

Trust is the cornerstone of building a social community of advocates, which is why EHY takes an audience-centric approach to our social programs. That means we start with a simple assumption: people aren’t dying to see your ads while they thumb through Instagram. That’s why every program is informed by a deep dive into your brand’s target audience — their interests, behaviors, motivations and expectations. We then weave narratives from these insights into our digital best practices to ensure we’re developing sticky content that exceeds the KPIs we’ve mutually identified.

EHY’s social framework sets a solid foundation for ongoing engagement by defining your brand’s social persona, social strategy (inclusive of personalized content pillars and content series) and on-trend seasonal considerations. We couple this strategy with customized creative, influencer partnerships, social care and a proven social spending approach that reinvigorates and attracts a highly engaged audience of right-fit customers.

Trust is the cornerstone of building a social community of advocates.

Strategic Storytelling

EHY’s social team is underpinned by a branch of experienced writers and content strategists who employ a slew of editorial techniques from episodic content to social personas to content pillars that lead to the development of fully integrated campaigns. This way we curate relevant storytelling that meets our audience where they are in their daily lives. Ultimately resulting in a valuable community of dedicated and engaged supporters.

Influencer Engagement

Being at the forefront of influencer management, we know how to identify right-fit influencers with the propensity to move the needle for our clients. Working directly with all tiers of niche and lifestyle influencers, we establish credible partnerships that broaden exposure, deliver word-of-mouth influence and grow audience base.

Boosting & Advertising

Every brand’s social needs are different, but there comes a point when you need a bigger impact than what an organic post can deliver alone. That’s why EHY applies both art and science when developing, testing and optimizing unique audience profiles for ad targeting. Taking this approach ensures we’re not just inflating your numbers, but growing your base purposefully so we continue to deliver high-engagement results.

Stellar Social Care

When we manage a community, we do so from playbook creation to implementation. From surprise and delights for super fans to crisis communication talking points, we’ve seen it all and have the best-in-class, customer-centric experience to keep sentiments in the positive corner.

Robust Reporting

We tell stories with data (versus simply just reporting on the numbers) and know how to identify clear implications and recommendations. By offering our clients in-depth monthly and quarterly reports and setting annual KPI goals and stretch goals, we make certain our efforts are making an impact.


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