Advertising Ideas the Insipire Action


Ideas That Inspire Action

Everyone knows that the first thing you need as an advertising agency is a short set of words that easily articulates your approach to advertising: “We Make Brands Famous,” “We Drive Culture,” “We Know Kylie Jenner.”

At EHY we don’t have one set of words because we don’t rely on a singular overarching formula — we need to know the problem before we can offer solutions. Instead, we employ a more elastic way of working. One that flexes as marketing variables shift, so we can pull different levers at different times. That being said, should we ever find a cure-all advertising elixir, we’ll make gallons of the stuff. But until then, we think each unique business challenge needs to be treated as such.

The other thing everyone knows…is that the best way to determine if your advertising is working is to measure how it impacts the predetermined KPIs. Ok, well that happens to be true, and we completely agree with that. But…(and we don’t mean “but” as a way to contradict the former statement, we’re just using it as a transition) we know that there is still plenty of subjectivity when it comes to evaluating creative work.

So as we develop work, we hold it up to this set of filters: Are we saying something compelling? Will it stand out and capture someone’s attention? Is it memorable? How is it relating to our target? Will people care? And while those questions may seem pretty basic, in the process of trying to satisfy all of them, we find creative ways to answer those expected questions in an unexpected way.

We don’t rely on a singular overarching formula, we need to know the problem before we can offer solutions.


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