Getting Medieval on Media Plans

It would be an understatement to say that today’s media landscape is constantly shifting at an unprecedented rate – albeit an understatement we can’t overstate. That’s why our approach to media is rooted in a foundation of media expertise built upon for decades and is constantly adapting, every day. Using the latest diagnostics and analytics tools, we never default to a set-it and forget-it blueprint. Our team applies this philosophy from communication planning through execution and across all traditional and emerging channels with senior management directing every project.

Adhering to a disciplined approach that positions your brand at the epicenter, we identify who your prime prospects are and how to reach them with the greatest media efficiencies. Our strategies are optimized to your specific goals to deliver increased visibility, then measured against those KPIs.

We never default to a set-it and forget-it blueprint.

Audience & Industry Insight

As the media landscape continues to fragment, consumers are following suit. We are no longer dealing with broad-stroke demographics but rather individualized targets that require thorough evaluation and understanding of their media habits. EHY utilizes the latest technologies and data intelligence to unearth more resolute insights. Working in tandem with our clients to examine all proprietary data, as well as secondary media research, we create a comprehensive media brief document that becomes the road map for our tactics and negotiations.

Strategy, Planning & Buying

While keeping our eyes on the latest media developments and practices, we develop holistic plans with multi-touch options that are as flexible and customizable as possible.

We understand how important ROI is, which is why we go well beyond negotiating rates. Using a proprietary buying system to deliver more media value and share of voice across media budgets, we consistently outperform other national agencies and media buying services. Based on quarterly efficiency assessments, which benchmark performance against SQAD, EHY saves our clients on average 30-50% versus industry standards.

Campaign Management & Optimization

We believe in a living media plan that can be adjusted and optimized as needed. We don’t stop at planning — nor at buying. We believe stewardship and optimization are critical elements of the plan and schedule regardless of the media vehicle. We have systems in place to ensure all media investments are stewarded, tracked and reported on a timely basis for maximum efficiency. We scrupulously analyze, measure and post-analyze all buys and refine as needed. Our mission is to create the most effective results for our clients, and a constant flow of ideas and strategies is the best way to achieve that.


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