Millenial dad grocery shopping
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June 27, 2017

Millennial Dads Tackle Grocery Shopping

It’s been a long-standing convention that food brand marketing should be directed toward women – moms in particular – as females have traditionally been the ones purchasing groceries on behalf of their families. But with the rise of the Millennial generation and accompanying gender role changes, it’s time to rethink…
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June 6, 2017

How Grocery Retailers Capitalize on Convenience

‘Convenience food’ was once a pejorative, but not anymore. Today, it’s practically a requirement for food brands to provide convenient products, even when delivering “clean”, gourmet or vegan options. As A. Elizabeth Stone stated in the Institute of Food Technologists’ “Top 10 Food Trends” report in April 2017, “Despite the recent media…
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EHY Native Advertise EatingWell Magazine With Pom
June 1, 2017

Food Brands Embrace Native Advertising in Print

Native advertising, integrated content, custom content, branded content, advertorial, sponsored by, promotional feature… To the reader, is it advertising or editorial? As digital and social platforms continue to monetize with native in various forms, the popularity and learnings from digital has spread opportunities to the magazine field. While print advertorials…
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Storytelling Marketing Branding
Food PRFoodservice
May 16, 2017

Brand Journalism Buoys Food Marketing

Just as chefs thoughtfully select ingredients and carefully choose certain techniques to tell a unique flavor story, food marketers should act in an equally deliberate manner in regards to the content they choose to express their brand. An increasingly powerful communication tool within the food industry, brand journalism influences consumers…
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Butcher in shop holding cleaver and carrots
Consumer Insights & Trends
May 9, 2017

5 Food Crazes To Elevate Your Brand

If you look at the mindset of the current consumer, the food trends make sense. People are more intent on eating food that’s good for them; the concept of “wellness” has emerged as a status symbol. Snacking (a dirty word when I was a child) has turned healthy and hip.…
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Grocery Store
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April 6, 2017

5 Grocery Shopping Trends and Opportunities For Marketers

Target just announced plans to spend billions of dollars over the next three years to redesign 500 stores. The redesign places greater emphasis on groceries, with a second entrance providing easy access to the grocery department, more fresh produce, and self-checkout lanes. The importance of grocery shoppers is not lost on Target. The…
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Idaho Potato Farmer in blue hat with dog sitting on couch watching TV of EvansHardy+Young Commercial
DigitalFood CampaignsMedia
March 11, 2017

TV Ads Still the Most Powerful Medium for Building Food Brands

In 2017, for the first time ever, digital media spending is expected to overtake TV advertising: businesses around the world will spend more in internet advertising than television. According to eMarketer, in the US, TV’s share will be at 35.8% of Total Media Ad spend and Digital at 38.4%. So it…
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Smiling older couple on motorcycle with woman's arm raised
Consumer Insights & Trends
December 7, 2016

Marketing Food To Millennials Is All The Rage, But Don’t Forget Boomers

Boston University researchers estimate that 3 million baby boomers will live to be 100 years old. So when it comes to marketing food brands, while it’s all the rage to market to millennials right now, it’s also a good idea not to forget boomers just yet -- mainly because they’ve got a lot…
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