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Is Your Food Brand in the Conversation? EvansHardy+Young Food Marketing
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September 11, 2018

Is Your Food Brand in the Conversation?

Having worked nearly 20 years in the fashion industry, I learned early on how trends come and go with the seasons. You can be hot one day, and easily gone the next. Learning to successfully navigate these swings can be the difference between being a fad or a thriving, sustainably…
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Athlete eating bowl of oatmeal with eggs, supplements and protein powder in front of him
Consumer Insights & Trends
April 19, 2018

New Food Trends: How Pro Athletes Lead The Way

Perhaps more than ever before, consumers are motivated to better understand the profound effect food has on their mental, physical and emotional well being. Current food trends such as nut milk, turmeric, kale, nut butter and maca powder, gut-friendly kombucha, and brain-boosting lattes demonstrate a desire for nutrient dense foods…
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"Cheftitian" holding plate of veggies
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April 3, 2018

Chef and Dietitian: Healthy Foods You’ll Actually Crave

Over the years, chefs and dietitians have approached their crafts with very different mindsets. A chef would create recipes for maximum flavor, favoring savory, high-fat ingredients. Alternatively, a dietitian would focus primarily on a food’s nutritional value. Recently, however, consumer demand for healthful food that doesn’t compromise on flavor has…
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Women with red hair, lips and shirt holding orange slices over eyes on bright orange background
Consumer Insights & TrendsFood PR
January 18, 2018

The Collision of Fashion and Food

How do we gain an advantage in what seems like a very unforgiving and competitive marketplace? As food marketers, we must consider all angles that help separate us from our peers. Sometimes, that means looking past the numbers to better understand the macro trends driving our target customer’s buying decisions.…
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Jackfruit Company NRA 2017
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June 20, 2017

NRA 2017 Foodservice Trend Watch: Consumers Desire Healthful Diet

Equal parts educational, exciting, and overwhelming, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) show once again proved a great opportunity to learn about foodservice trends and to network with like-minded peers and influencers. More than 2,000 companies displayed their products last month in Chicago during the largest annual gathering of the restaurant, foodservice, and hospitality industry. I…
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Butcher in shop holding cleaver and carrots
Consumer Insights & Trends
May 9, 2017

5 Food Crazes To Elevate Your Brand

If you look at the mindset of the current consumer, the food trends make sense. People are more intent on eating food that’s good for them; the concept of “wellness” has emerged as a status symbol. Snacking (a dirty word when I was a child) has turned healthy and hip.…
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Honey Melon Mojito Omni Hotel
April 21, 2017

Secret Ingredient for Next-Level Foodservice Marketing

It may sound like a good thing: foodservice marketing plans so detailed that they account for the smallest details and associated costs. And yet, the best plans are those that leave some things TBD. It’s hard, I know. It takes confidence, vision, and vigilance. But, in my experience, less really is…
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