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Jonathan Winters-Buckeye Food Marketing Advertising EvansHardy+Young
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October 3, 2018

Improvisational Food Marketing: Lessons from Jonathan Winters

I first met Jonathan Winters in a local cigar store that is owned by a pal of mine. Mr. Winters was the only customer in the shop one day when I walked in. A bit of small talk ensued, during which Jonathan asked me where I was from. When I…
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5 of the Most Interesting Food Ads September 2018 EvansHardy+Young Food Advertising
Food CampaignsFood PRMedia
September 18, 2018

5 of the Most Interesting Food Advertisements Right Now

After working in nearly every segment of the food industry for over 30 years, we have developed deep category insights into the consumer behavior and motivations that drive the purchasing, preparation, and consumption of food. As part of this process we’re constantly monitoring food advertising for trends, strategies, and creative…
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Is Your Food Brand in the Conversation? EvansHardy+Young Food Marketing
Consumer Insights & TrendsFood PR
September 11, 2018

Is Your Food Brand in the Conversation?

Having worked nearly 20 years in the fashion industry, I learned early on how trends come and go with the seasons. You can be hot one day, and easily gone the next. Learning to successfully navigate these swings can be the difference between being a fad or a thriving, sustainably…
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Great Food Stories Food Marketing Advertising EvansHardy+Young
Food CampaignsFood PRMedia
August 28, 2018

This is What Happens When You Have a Great Food Story

In the PR world the saying goes, “You’re only as good as your last story.” But, as food marketers we know good stories don’t just happen. They’re carefully curated to encourage a specific response. So, who is catching your attention with powerful food storytelling right now? Below are just a…
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Two Food PR women sitting at table, Girl in stripes from EvansHardy+Young
Food PRFoodservice
July 31, 2018

4 Authentic Ways to Improve Your Food PR Approach

Technology is transforming the food and beverage industry, and along with it, our approach to food public relations (PR). Every day, journalists are scrambling to keep up by producing relevant stories, further pressured by the implementation of digital media. Everyone wants to be the first one to publish the latest…
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EvansHardy+Young Best New Ads
Food CampaignsFood PRMedia
June 26, 2018

Here are 6 of the Best New Food Campaigns Right Now

Every quarter we publish a sampling of recent, noteworthy food campaigns from the worlds of Commodity, Packaged Foods, and Branded Produce, with the purpose of informing and inspiring those with similar interests. Here’s just a few that caught our attention in the second quarter of 2018.
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Restaurant Menuing Data Food Marketing Agency EvansHardy+Young
Food PRFoodservice
June 12, 2018

What Happens When You Invest In Menuing Data?

While dishing up honey-inspired global fare for our client at a recent foodservice conference, a fellow sponsor asked me candidly, “how do you measure the success of participating in an event like this?” My immediate thought was while we won’t likely see an uptick in sales on the heels of…
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"Cheftitian" holding plate of veggies
Consumer Insights & TrendsFood PRFoodservice
April 3, 2018

Chef and Dietitian: Healthy Foods You’ll Actually Crave

Over the years, chefs and dietitians have approached their crafts with very different mindsets. A chef would create recipes for maximum flavor, favoring savory, high-fat ingredients. Alternatively, a dietitian would focus primarily on a food’s nutritional value. Recently, however, consumer demand for healthful food that doesn’t compromise on flavor has…
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Best New Ad EvansHardyYoung
Food CampaignsFood PRMedia
March 22, 2018

The Best New Food Campaigns of the Quarter Are…

We’re constantly monitoring trends, strategies, and creative work for products and companies in the food industry. Every quarter we publish a random sampling of recent campaigns, with the purpose of informing and inspiring those with similar interests. Within the first few months of 2018 we’ve already seen some great new…
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