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Consumer Insights & TrendsDigital
July 10, 2018

Alexa, How Can I Reach More Customers With Voice Search?

This past year Google reported that 52% of people keep their voice-activated speakers in their living rooms, 25% keep them in their bedrooms, and 22% keep them right in their kitchens! With this kind of seamless in-home integration, smart speakers and voice search are fast becoming a prime point-of-sale opportunity…
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Lamb Weston Instagram on iPhone Screen
DigitalFood Campaigns
May 10, 2018

Why Food & CPG Brands Should be Using Instagram Stories

If you find it hard to keep up with the latest in social media, you’re not alone. Social trends, strategies, and standards move lightning-fast, but as a food brand in this space, rest assured — not all bandwagons are worth jumping on. Truthfully, unless your key demographic is Gen Z’ers,…
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Chef in blue coat instructing two women students on prepping food
May 5, 2018

How to Get Appetizing Results from Your Food Media Buy

Nearly everyone is fighting for a share of stomach these days, which has resulted in increased pressure on media strategies tasked with breaking through the chatter. Fortunately for food brands, there is a lot you can do to make a message more appealing and appetizing and there is a wealth of…
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Man looking into fridge
Consumer Insights & TrendsFood PR
February 14, 2018

Food & CPG Content Marketing Strategies You’ll Crave

In today’s robust food marketing world there are a growing number of digital channels empowering brands to build one-on-one relationships with consumers. These online platforms play a significant role in a brand’s ability to generate awareness, establish trust and loyalty, and position themselves as an industry leader. Social media, websites,…
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Fresh produce iPhone with Chef on screen
Food PRFoodservice
January 10, 2018

Leveraging Influencers On Any Foodservice Budget

Let’s get straight to the point: Are you spending too much on influencer campaigns, or at the very least, questioning the ROI of your current spend? When it comes to foodservice influencer marketing, I have some good news. Spending more doesn’t necessarily equate to getting more when it comes to…
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Two professional kids yelling with bullhorns at middle kid on light blue background
Food PRFoodservice
December 20, 2017

Ignore the Competition: PR Lessons from Working with Food Commodity Boards

The best way to beat the competition, you ask?  Ignore them. It may sound like marketing blasphemy, but this bit of unconventional wisdom comes from nearly three decades of working on behalf of commodity board clients, who are prohibited from disparaging or even comparing themselves with the competition. Disparaging others…
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Honey Whiskey Cocktail
Food PRFoodservice
May 23, 2017

How To Influence Minds and Menus: Honey Creates a Buzz

The EH+Y team continually seeks new ways to increase honey usage among foodservice professionals on behalf of our client, the National Honey Board (NHB). We identified an opportunity for the NHB in the beverage category and delivered a robust, multi-year campaign that expanded honey cocktail menu penetration exponentially in the United…
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Storytelling Marketing Branding
Food PRFoodservice
May 16, 2017

Brand Journalism Buoys Food Marketing

Just as chefs thoughtfully select ingredients and carefully choose certain techniques to tell a unique flavor story, food marketers should act in an equally deliberate manner in regards to the content they choose to express their brand. An increasingly powerful communication tool within the food industry, brand journalism influences consumers…
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Idaho Potato Truck on Hughes Barge in NYC
Experiential & EventsFood PRMedia
May 2, 2017

The Big Idaho Potato Tours The Big Apple

The Big Idaho® Potato Truck had already generated hundreds of millions of media impressions across the country, but it was simply too big to drive on the streets of New York City. We knew it would take a highly unusual event to capture New Yorkers’ interest. It would have to be outlandish…
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Honey Melon Mojito Omni Hotel
April 21, 2017

Secret Ingredient for Next-Level Foodservice Marketing

It may sound like a good thing: foodservice marketing plans so detailed that they account for the smallest details and associated costs. And yet, the best plans are those that leave some things TBD. It’s hard, I know. It takes confidence, vision, and vigilance. But, in my experience, less really is…
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